Monday, 1 May 2017

This Generation Film

Hi fam!

Today i want to share the result of my group project in making a film! It is actually a short movie about this generation. I hope you like it. Let's check it out!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Dewa Athena

Hello everyone!
Today i'm going to tell you about my school year-ly activity called "Dewa Athena". Cool name, right? It is usually held by the 10th grader. Can you guess what kind of activity it is? No? Alright then, i'll tell you. It is a sport championship between classes. There are many types of sport that are played such as football, dodge-ball, basketball, gobak sodor, relay race, badminton, and "tarik tambang".

It was held for 3 days which were on March 25th, Aprtil 1st and 8th. The opening ceremony was on the first day at 7 am. I went to school early that day because my mother had to drop my sisters for school early in the morning. It was about 6.30 am when i arrived at school. I didn't immediately go to Bali field. I was waiting in the school building for my friends first. It took me about 15 minutes until someone came. When the clock finally hit 7 o'clock, we decided to go to the opening ceremony.

When we arrived, there were so many 10th graders with different clothing, based on their classes. Oh, forgot to tell you mine. My class decided to wear maroon jersey with black stripe.Each one of us had our own number on the back of it. Mine was 95. Weird, huh? Don't ask me why, because the answer is secret. On top of the back was our name. It was written "Supri"on mine. It was the nickname my best friends gave me. My best friends got their nickname on their backs too. We were planning on taking pictures of our backs together but we weren't full team. Some of my friends couldn't attend it. Or should i say "most" of them?

The opening ceremony was, as usual, started with speeches. The ceremony was hosted by Fakhry and Rania. After such a long wait, finally the game started. The first game that my class played was gobak sodor. I didn't join the team, so i was just watching and supporting them. Our opponent was X science 8. They were such a good team, which led to our unfortunate lost. Although we were a bit disappointed, at least we had fun.

Although everything seemed to be going on well, there was a bit conflict happened. It was about the relay race. The committee of the event said that we were disqualified because we didn't come to the spot on time, when we actually didn't know that it was our turn. The thing that disturbed us wasn't the fact that we couldn't play, but it was actually because we had to pay for Rp. 100.000 if we were disqualified. Of course we would be mad. Our LO didn't even tell us that we should go to the relay race spot. But luckily we were given the chance to play again. Although AGAIN we lost, it was still much better than paying Rp. 100.000, wasn't it?

The third game that we played was

Be Mature Towards Nature

Base on the vocabulary, nature is the physical world and everything in it that is not made by people. And in my opinion, nature is also something that already exist even before our (human) existence. From my own perspective, there are two types of nature. There are nature that exist only for the views or the beauty, such as rainbow and aurora, and nature that exist to fulfil our (human) needs.

Natures are divided into those two, based on each and every person's perspective. There are people who think that even forests, that have so many richness inside, are only for satisfying their eyes. Not for "cutting it off and make money with it" activities. But maybe that is how some businessmen see it. They see it from the economic side, not ecological. I am not saying that they are wrong. Because that is just the way of thinking. So basically, nature is not something that can be divided fairly. With different people as the source, it will produce different classifications of nature.

Another example that i've experienced myself once, was when i went on a camping trip with my school friends. We were admiring a fish pond full of beautiful fishes when suddenly someone next to me, which is my friend, said, "How much do you think it will cost if i want to sell these beautiful fishes?". I was a bit surprised. I mean, i didn't even think about selling it before. It was so cruel to sell those fishes away. I asked him about what he would do to the money. And he said that he would buy some food for the poor. "We have to put our (human) kind first before the other" he said. There is nothing wrong with that. It is true that we also have to put our focus not only to nature but also our people. But it was just different with how i think.Those differences in perspective are the one that makes it hard to gather people awareness towards nature.

That is why the way we think is important in using nature. And maturity is one of the aspect that build the way we think. With being mature and wise, we can solve this problem fairly. Back then when we were a child, we only think of nature as a beauty. The beauty that accompanied us when we were having fun.There are nothing as important as playing outside with nature and come back home with clothes full of dirt.

But as we grew up and experienced life more, we realised the importance of money. We realised that we couldn't live without it.That's why we will do anything to get it, including destroying our source of happiness which is the nature that we used to play with. Until we forget that we will also grow old and sick. In that state, we will be so weak and needing a fresh air. We will no longer can produce money with our current state. All we can do is sit and watch anything around us that is supposed to be the beauty of nature. That is when we realise how important nature is again. How nature is as important as money. We just realise that money means nothing when there are no nature to trade. And with that, we will realise that both nature and money are important.

So in conclusion, it is important to balancing between the two types of nature, or in other word, balancing our perspectives in seeing nature. It is important to fulfill our needs with nature, but we also have to think about the beauty of it too. And it is also important to keeping the nature as they are, but we still have to think about our daily needs. Those are the way of thinking that we need for this generation. Try to look at things from different sides. Not only when we see nature, but also little things that are around us. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Cross Word Puzzle

1. What conjunction will you use when you are talking about the result or effect of something that may happen or be true?
3. What adjective will you use when you describe something strange, unusual or different from what you expected?
5. A state when you are poor or lack of something is called?
6. What is the abbreviation of "Emergency Room"?
8. What is a thing which looks like a widemouthed container that usually made of glass ou earthenware?
9. A very strong feeling of dislike is also called?
12. What thing that people have that define that they are still alive?
14. One if the sections in a city or twon that is used for a particular purpose is called..?
15. When a person is having a full and rounded form/body, usually they have so much..?
16. When you achieve victory that means you..?
18. What is a chemical that is found in the air around us that we inhale to help the metabolism in our body?
20. When a thing is nowhere to be found, that means the thing is..?
22. What is the knowledge of knowing what is proper or reasonable, or in other words has a good judgement about things?
24. A special boot with a thin metal bar attached to the bottom that you wear to move quickly on ice is a describtion of a type of..?
26. What is the function of the eyes?
30. When you put your arms around someone as a way of showing your love towards them is the definition of..?
31. Moving your legs faster than walking is also known as..?
33. People usually call us by our own..?

2. A thing, usually a card, that has your information or identity is called?
4. What word that when it seen as an adjective means great or excellent but when it is seen as a noun means a stupid person?
7.Who is a person that inherits the property of someone who has passed away (usually their parents)?
10. What is the region around a nucleus in an atom or molecule that contain electrons called?
11. What is an ugly but funny face called?
13. As a verb means 'to hit someone on the head with an object but as a noun means 'the seed of any various erect', what is it?
17. When you succeed in defeating your opponents or enemies, that means you've achieved..?
19. A name of colour that when you mix it with blue will create green is..?
21. The objective case of you plus me, equal..?
23. When you body doesn't feel well that means you are..?
25. When someone ask "how old are you?", that means they are asking about our..?
27. Before shooting the bullet, shooter has to....for the target.
28. What is the abbreviation of "European Union"?
29. An intelligent creature who feeds on surds and indices and also very mathematical is called..?
32. Don't put your hands...the water!
34. What is the symbol  of the atom "Neon"?

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Favorite Song

Do you see that quote above? Under the headline of my name that says

"Cause we got fire and higher, i gotta make it -dope"

If you are wondering where i got that from, i'll tell you, it was from my first and everlasting favorite song "Dope" from my favorite boyband, BTS. There are so many stories that i want to tell you behind this song in my point of view.

But before that, here is the music video of the song. If you prefer to just listen to it, here is the link.
There are english subtitles of the lyrics (don't forget to turn the subtitles button on).

Here are the lyrics and the translations:

어서 와 방탄은 처음이지?
Ayo ladies & gentleman
준비가 됐다면 부를게 yeah!
딴 녀석들과는 다르게
내 스타일로 내 내 내 내 스타일로 에오!
밤새 일했지 everyday
니가 클럽에서 놀 때 yeah
자 놀라지 말고 들어 매일
I got a feel, I got a feel
난 좀 쩔어!
아 쩔어 쩔어 쩔어 우리 연습실 땀내
봐 쩌렁 쩌렁 쩌렁한
내 춤이 답해
모두 비실이 찌질이 찡찡이 띨띨이들
나랑은 상관이 없어
cuz 난 희망이 쩔어 haha
Ok 우린 머리부터 발끝까지 전부 다
쩌 쩔어
하루의 절반을 작업에 쩌 쩔어
작업실에 쩔어 살어 청춘은 썩어가도
덕분에 모로 가도 달리는 성공가도
소녀들아 더 크게 소리질러 쩌 쩌렁
밤새 일했지 everyday
니가 클럽에서 놀 때 yeah
딴 녀석들과는 다르게
I don’t wanna say yes
I don’t wanna say yes
소리쳐봐 all right
몸이 타버리도록 all night (all night)
Cause we got fire (fire!)
Higher (higher!)
I gotta make it, I gotta make it
거부는 거부해
난 원래 너무해
모두 다 따라 해
거부는 거부해
전부 나의 노예
모두 다 따라 해
3포세대? 5포세대?
그럼 난 육포가 좋으니까 6포세대
언론과 어른들은 의지가 없다며
우릴 싹 주식처럼 매도해
왜 해보기도 전에 죽여 걔넨 enemy enemy enemy
왜 벌써부터 고개를 숙여 받아 energy energy energy
절대 마 포기 you know you not lonely
너와 내 새벽은 낮보다 예뻐
So can I get a little bit of hope? (yeah)
잠든 청춘을 깨워 go
밤새 일했지 everyday
니가 클럽에서 놀 때 yeah
딴 녀석들과는 다르게
I don’t wanna say yes
I don’t wanna say yes
소리쳐봐 all right
몸이 타버리도록 all night (all night)
Cause we got fire (fire!)
Higher (higher!)
I gotta make it, I gotta make it
거부는 거부해
난 원래 너무해
모두 다 따라 해
거부는 거부해
전부 나의 노예
모두 다 따라 해
이런 게 방탄 스타일
거짓말 wack들과는 달라
매일이 hustle life
I gotta make it fire baby
이런 게 방탄 스타일
거짓말 wack들과는 달라
매일이 hustle life
I gotta make it, I gotta make it
난 좀 쩔어!
Say what!
Say wo~ wo~
Say what!

Welcome, first time to BTS?

Ayo ladies and gentlemen
If you're ready, we'll sing, yeah!
Unlike the other guys
My style, ma ma ma my style, ayo!

I worked all night everyday
When you were out clubbing, yeah
Don't be surprised but listen, everyday
I got a feel, i got a feel
I'm kinda dope!

We're drenched, drenched, drenched in sweat, in our practice room
Look at my great, great, great dance moves prove it all
All the weak, loser, whiny idiots
They have nothing on me cuz i'm full of hope haha

Okay, we're dope from head to toe
Over half of the day, we drown in work
Even if our youth rots in the studio
Thanks to that, we're closer to success
Girls shout louder
Make it ring, ring

I worked all night everyday
When you were out clubbing, yeah
Unlike the other guys
I don't wanna yes, i don't wanna say yes
Shout "All right"
Burn up all night (all night)

Cause we got fire (fire)
higher (higher)
I gotta make it, I gotta gotta make it

I reject rejection
I'm always over the top
Everyone copies me
Dope, dope, dope, Dope! 

I reject rejection
You all work for me
Everyone copies me
Dope, dope, dope!

Given up on 3? Given up on 5?
I like the number 6, how about giving up on 6?
The media and grown-ups say we have no will, denouncing us
Why kill us before we can try
They are enemy, enemy, enemy
Keep your heads up
Take my energy, energy, energy
Don't give up, you know you're not alone
Our dawn is better than our days
Can i get a little bit of hope?
Wake your sleeping youth and go

I worked all night everyday
When you were out clubbing, yeah
Unlike the other guys
I don't wanna yes, i don't wanna say yes
Shout "All right"
Burn up all night (all night)

This is BTS style
Nothing like the lying wacks
Everyday is hustle life
I gotta make it fire, baby (2x)


So those are basically the translation of the song. The ones that are underlined are my favorite line in the song. As you can see in the video, each of the member wears different kinds of work uniform. There are policeman, detective, employee, racer, taxi driver (?), pilot, and even doctor. Generally, this song is talking about our hardwork, regardless who we are, is worth a success. I am going to explain those lines that i've highlighted.

So, it was when i was going to take UN that i heard this song for the first time. This song was the one who got me into k-pop. It was because the lyrics that encouraged me to keep going although it was hard. Because it was my "first time to BTS", i think this song fits me with its "Welcome, first time to BTS?". It feels like this song IS for me and they were welcoming me to their world.

The next line is "Even if our youth rot in the studio, thanks to that we're closer to success". I think this line has a clear meaning. For me, this line means that although we look like we're wasting our beautiful youth on studying, it doesn't matter because it will bring us a successful and happy future.

"I worked all night everyday, when you were out clubbing".
For me, this means that while other normal teenagers are having fun and enjoying their youth, thinking like there is no tomorrow, we are studying and working hard to shape our future. This line really fits me because it was also in the middle of the night when i first heard this song. This line encourages me to keep on studying although it was hard.

"Unlike the other guys, i dont wanna say 'yes'"
This line reminds me that it is okay to be diffent when we know that we are right. There are some stages when my friends are all doing a bad thing and invite me to join. Usually i will hesitate whether to accept or not. But when i heard this song, i didn't hesitate anymore. I don't wanna say yes.

Let's jump to my favorite quote in this song. 
"Cause we got fire and higher, i gotta make it"
This quote encourages me to believe in myself. I believe that i have the power and talent within myself that i can use to be successful. The most important thing is that we got the "fire" 🔥. It is the power, spirit, and will to become successful.

"Why kill us before we can try, they are enemy"
In life, there are always people who underestimate us. They will say that we will fail and lose. If there are people like that, they are enemy. The enemy isn't always 'people. Sometimes the enemy is in ourselves. We "kill" ourselves before we even try. That's why it is important to have confidence within ourselves.

"Don't give up, you know you are not alone"
This line strikes right through my heart. That night when i heard it, i felt really lonely and sick of everything. I felt like i was the only one who suffered because all of the work that was supposed to be a group work, were done by me. But when i heard this part, i realized that i was not alone. There were many people who also suffering that night. I felt like someone finally understood me. 

"Wake your sleeping youth and go"
I know it is hard for teenagers to not be lazy. That is why we need to "wake" it up so that we can shape a better future.

"Everyday is hustle life, i gotta make it fire"
Although life is hard, we still have to learn how to enjoy it. We have to work hard but still keep smiling. We have to study hard but still socialize with people. That is how you make your suffering periode a "fire" 🔥.

So i think that is all i have to say about this song. As you can see, this song really has a great impact to my life. I always put the quote everywhere i often reach, in my blog (you can see it up there), in front of my study desk, and even on my agenda. This song is one of a thousand reasons why i keep accomplishing my goals until now. I hope this song (and post) will inspire and wake you up, just like how this song has done to me 😊


Monday, 9 January 2017

Last Holiday

Hi guys and gals! Welcome to my first ever post in 2017 
Guess what i did last holiday? It was an extremely fun holiday, just so you know.
I went on a trip to the cities in Middle Java. It began on Friday 23rd of December. My family and i went to Pekalongan for the first time after my granddad's funeral. It is the city where he came from. We visited the family my granddad left behind. Besides visiting relatives, we also bought so many batik related things such as clothes, bags, and so on. Pekalongan is famous for its batik production. We stayed there for two nights in a fancy hotel. It was the best hotel we stayed at during our trip around Middle Java. Because it has a WIFI facility so that i could download many drama episodes to accompany me inside my car during the trip. (I am a teenager so i can't live without internet connection, hehe..)
The next stop is Kendal city. We stayed at a traditional house called "Rumah Kendal". We went to a culinary tour around Kendal. We only stayed there for a night. During that night, i watched the drama episodes i had downloaded. It was relaxing because i was afraid of being in that house. The house was creepy because it was old and had many mystical objects such as keris, many old-fashioned mirrors, and the most frightening thing was the old painting. But overall it was a quite interesting experience. This place is only lack of one thing, yes everyone, it has no WIFI .-.
After a night in Kendal, my family and i went to Wonosobo. There was a friend of my mother live there. He gave us advises about the tourist attractions around Wonosobo. The most recommended place was Dieng Hill. It is famous for its "Land above the clouds"(negeri di atas awan), especially its sun rise. We decided to go there the next morning before the sun rise. It was a really exhausting journey to the top. But every pain was payed back by the view of the sun rise above the clouds. We were literally above the clouds. You can feel the wet of the clouds around you. We stayed in Wonosobo for at-least 2 nights and continue on our journey to the next city.
And now ladies and gentlemen,
I want to share the most legendary thing i did last holiday.
Guess what it is?
Yes, people. Going to BOROBUDUR TEMPLE 
Last holiday was also my first time going to Borobudur Temple. Although most of my friends have been there when they were a kid, i've just been there when i was already a teenager. This temple is located in Magelang. I went there with my family on a car from the last city we went, Wonosobo. It was really hot when we entered the city. Luckily, the AC from our car was lowering the heat from outside.
When we got off the car, the heat was burning us like crazy. There were many hats and umbrella sellers. Even sunglasses were available here . I decided to rent an umbrella to prevent from sunburn. My sisters bought a hat for each of them. They were too lazy to hold an umbrella. My parents opposed the idea at first. But my sisters were begging them so much that they gave up and agreed. Besides hats, we also bought "Candi Borobudur" t-shirts there although we hadn't even entered the main gate. It was such a great experience to be able to vist one of the seven wonders in the world. I hope i can visit another wonderful things in Indonesia in the future 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Asa Butterfield Biography

Asa Maxwell Thornton Farr Butterfield, known as Asa Butterfield, is a 19-year-old actor from England.He was born on 1st April 1997 in IslingtonLondon, and is the son of Jacqueline Farr and Sam Butterfield. He was born with the middle names "Maxwell Thornton", but now uses the middle name "Bopp" on his passport instead (after Comet Hale–Bopp).

Butterfield first started acting at the age of 7 on Friday afternoons after school at the Young Actors' Theatre Islington.He began his acting career at the age of 9 in the television drama After Thomas (2006) and the comedy film Son of Rambow (2007). He became known for playing the main character Bruno in the Holocaust film The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008) at the age of 10. Besides those films, he also played in "The Wolfman" (2010), "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang" (2010), "Hugo" (2011), "Ender's Game" (2013), X+Y (2014), and Ten Thousand Saints (2015). Recently, he also played as Jacob Portman (Jack) in "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" (2016) that has just released last September. He will also play as Gardner Elliot in "The Space Between Us" (2016) that will be released this December 2016.

As an actor, he has been nominated in some awards such as Most Promising Newcomer, Young British Performer of the Year, Best Male Newcomer, Best Young Actor/Actress, Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor, Best Performance by a Younger Actor, and Best Actor. He has won the Best Youth in Film Category in Las Vegas Film Critics Society 2011 for his part in "Hugo" (2011).